Tattoo Shooter

Airbrush tattoos for the "cool kids"

The Artist

Miles Mercer, AKA...Airbrush Boy

Shooting temporary airbrush tattoos in the greater Tallahassee area Miles Mercer, Airbrush Boy, delights your guests young and old! Airbrush Boy comes with over 300 designs and a wide variety of color to find just the perfect temporary tattoo for every guest. “It’s not just about slapping some one-color butterfly or skull on your kids. It’s about combining stencils, freehand artwork and blending colors to give your guests the perfect tattoo…that’s what I do.”

Miles was awesome, he rocked our party!!

Born into a body art family Airbrush Boy has been immersed in airbrush tattoo, glitter tattoo and face painting for years. Tattoo Shooter only uses FDA compliant pigments, inks, glitter and powders and Airbrush Boy adheres to a hygiene standard any mother would be proud of.


Recent Work

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How/What/When/Where/Why/Who/How Much

Tattoo Shooter uses 6 professional airbrush guns/compressor/light rig. Airbrush Boy can shoot six colors and over 300 tattoo designs at every event. He comes complete with samples, table, lighting and mirrors. He only requires access to a 3-prong electrical outlet and shelter from heat/rain. Ready to book? Download the contact here

Tallahassee’s coolest temporary airbrush body art created just for you. Tattoos can last up to a week but come off easily with baby oil.

Airbrush Boy is available nights, weekends and holidays for your event. Private appointments also available.

Private appointments available at Tattoo Shooters NE Tallahassee location and of course Airbrush Boy will travel to your Tallahassee location for private parties.

Temporary body art and airbrush tattoos are a fun and unique way to jazz up any party or cheer your favorite team to victory (go Noles!). Tattoo Shooter offers team logos and can even do a custom tattoo for your business for a small charge.

Airbrush Boy has tagged everyone from preschoolers to grandmothers because you’re only as old, or young, as you think you are. Plus, everyone likes to live a little dangerously -- if only for the weekend! Airbrush tattoos are great for tailgate parties, school groups, sports teams, summer camps, scouting and church events as well as corporate picnics, restaurant family nights, fundraisers and private parties.

How Much:
Tattoo Shooter has a 90 minute minimum for $165 and can reach up to 30 guests. Two hours bills out at $200 and can reach up to 40 guests. 50% retainer and signed contract secure your booking. No zone fee for locations in the greater Tallahassee area. Private appointments based on complexity. Download the contract here